About us

GT Loans was started with the sole aim of giving a second chance to thousands of UK citizens reeling from the effects of bad credit. From inception, our goal and sole objective has been to make the lives of UK citizens with a poor credit rating better. We understand that those with a poor credit rating have in the past suffered the brunt of unilateral rejections every time they made the bold decision to apply for an emergency personal loan. For this reason, we have gone all out in the provision of affordable logbook loans to scores of our customers with a less than average credit score.

At GT Loans, we do not look at you as financially irresponsible or give you second-class treatment because you have a low credit score. On the contrary, we are very professional in the way we handle our customers and strive to not only offer them attractive logbook loan deals but also ensure that their needs are met in the most professional way possible. One of the major selling points about our logbook loan products has to do with the fact that they are priced affordably, approved in record time and designed to meet the needs of our diverse clientele.

It doesn’t matter how bad you want a logbook loan or how urgent you need it. At GT Loans, we can confidently say that we’ve got your back covered. All you need to do is simply make an application and leave the rest to us if you meet all the basic requirements. We are indeed your UK logbook loan provider of choice!