Welcome to GT Loans

Are you dejected and in a state of confusion simply because your credit score is poor? Have you been on the receiving end of one rejection after the other simply because you have bad credit? Have high street banks turned their backs on you because of the status of your credit rating? Are you looking for a loan facility that will accept your application wholeheartedly without bringing up the sad reality of your credit score? If yes, then I am sure you will find homage in logbook loans. At GT Loans, we aim to meet all your logbook loan needs.

In all the years that we have been in existence, we continue to adhere to professional ethical conduct and educating our esteemed and valued customers on the benefits of taking out a logbook loan. We understand your pain of incessant rejections in the past every time you sought a loan and that is why we are here to help you get an emergency loan in the shortest time possible.

How do our logbook loans work?

At GT Loans, our sole objective as a top tier UK logbook loan provider is to exceed the expectations of our existing as well as new customers. We understand that there are thousands of UK logbook loan providers out there and the only way of achieving a competitive edge is through the provision of top notch logbook loan services. The most outstanding thing about our logbook loans has to do with the fact that we do not screen or run credit checks on our applicants. For a long time, credit checks have been used as a conduit to deny thousands of UK residents an opportunity to get access to emergency loan facilities. However, as TG loans, we have taken a different path and have from time immemorial been effectively working to approve all logbook loan applications without subjecting our customers to painful credit checks.

Why should you apply for logbook loan with us?

For starters, itís important to note that we are not greenhorns in the UK logbook industry. We have been in existence for almost 10 years and in that period we have been steadfast in the delivery of top notch services to our customers. We treat our customers with the respect they deserve and continue to exceed their expectations on a daily basis. Our customer personnel are some of the most highly trained in the UK and fully understand the importance of adhering to a professional code of conduct while interacting with our customers. In the spirit of enlightening our customers before taking out a loan, we have partnered with Money Advice with the intention of ensuring that all our customers make informed decisions before taking out a logbook loan. Last but not least, we offer affordable logbook loans to our customers in the UK. We are not only concerned with the profitability aspect of a business but take cognisance in the well-being of our clients.

Applying for a logbook loan is simple

In order to qualify for our attractive logbook loan products, we require that you be a UK citizen of sane mind, be above the age of 18 years or more, legally be in possession of a car registered in your own name and receive an income on a regular basis. In addition to that, we require that you furnish us with your cars insurance details, cars tax details, a copy of a utility bill as proof of address, bank statements or payslips as proof that you receive income on a regular basis as well as a ministry of transport certificate that shows proof that your car is in good condition.


What differentiates us from other UK logbook loan providers has to do with the fact that we approve your application in the shortest time possible. Provided that you meet all the requirements and furnish us with all the required documents, you can expect to have your logbook loan in your bank account within 24 hours!